Everyone deserves to be in an environment where they are cared for, understood and supported.
Parents of individuals with special needs often find themselves concerned with the future of their children after them. Questions such as who will take care of them, understand their needs, shower them with love and be by their side, surround their minds day in and day out. The immense love that parents of special needs individuals carry for their children will not allow them to see their child struggling, and the only thing that will give them peace of mind is knowing that their child will be well-cared for throughout their lives.

At Beautiful Together, we work towards this concern through our Beautiful Living project where we dedicate part of the funds we receive from our

e-commerce model into Assisted Living facilities. These facilities will have the best of services and living arrangements for special needs individuals, along with 24/7 care from trained residential staff, ensuring that they lead happy lives even after their parents.The primary aim with the Beautiful Living extension of the project will always be to ensure special needs individuals live and grow in an environment just like the one their loving parents created for them.


Please note: The Assisted Living facilities are part of our future goals. They are not a current functioning project.


At Beautiful Together, we would be happy to discuss your financial security plans for your child, and accordingly offer you reliable options for fund safekeeping and timely allocation. To discuss this further, you can start a conversation with us here.
Beautiful Together is a non-governmental organization that uses the medium of e-commerce to provide financial aid to causes that require urgent intervention. Join the initiative, if you also believe in the beauty of unity, especially a unity that is dedicated to a greater cause.


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