At Beautiful Together, we are always looking for expressions of humanity that celebrate inclusiveness, acceptance and compassion. These expressions can be in the form of films, articles, songs and more. If you have any such pieces of work and would like to share it on our website, please write to us at

“Beautiful Together, while just two words, they can mean a million different things to a million different people. But one common thread that will tie all these million meanings together, would be that of humanity. An undeniable sense of being compassionate, caring and loving towards one another.”

Alternatively, if you would like to support artists like filmmakers, singers, writers and more in creating pieces of work that celebrate inclusiveness and compassion, you can opt to crowd-fund their projects by clicking the ‘Crowd-fund Beautiful Stories’ tab below.
Beautiful Together is a non-governmental organization that uses the medium of e-commerce to provide financial aid to causes that require urgent intervention. Join the initiative, if you also believe in the beauty of unity, especially a unity that is dedicated to a greater cause.


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