In a time where divisiveness and discrimination threaten the fabric of the world, it is absolutely crucial to change the narrative and spark change, and not just through mere words, but actions.


Sometimes the greatest gift you could provide to a cause is your time. And we assure you, your time will be well spent here, because every second you spend as a Beautiful Together volunteer, becomes one extra moment in the lives of special needs individuals where they feel truly accepted, respected and loved.


What will be my role as a volunteer?
For any initiative to succeed, awareness is key.As a volunteer, you will be responsible for generating awareness for our platform through various channels, such as:

    Volunteers will have to arrange meetings with residential societies and associations, aimed at promoting the Beautiful Together project to all residents, and encouraging active purchases and donations.


    Volunteers will be required to visit various schools and colleges to inform them about the Beautiful Together project. The primary focus would be to encourage students and staff to purchase from the e-commerce portal or donate.


    Volunteers will have to regularly visit special needs centres and educate them about the Beautiful Together work model, and its benefits to the centre and the special needs individuals enrolled there.


    Volunteers will have to set up meetings with HR departments and introduce the Beautiful Together project to corporate employees. Volunteers will also have to encourage offices to purchase their corporate gifts and supplies from the e-commerce portal.

    Yes, I would like to be kept up-to-date on Beautiful Together news and events.

    Beautiful Together is a non-governmental organization that uses the medium of e-commerce to provide financial aid to causes that require urgent intervention. Join the initiative, if you also believe in the beauty of unity, especially a unity that is dedicated to a greater cause.


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